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Feng Shui Balcony : How should it be arranged?

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Renovating the Balcony with Feng Shui Considerations

Integrating a balcony into the living space can create a sense of openness and bring more light into a home, making it feel larger and more welcoming. From a “feng shui house” perspective, it is important to consider all elements in the renovation, including any extensions beyond the main structure, such as balconies.

Structural Integrity

Ensuring the safety of the building’s structure is of utmost importance. To create an airy and open atmosphere, avoid placing heavy items on renovated balconies. It is preferable to use lighter items.

Partial Solid Walls for Privacy

Instead of fully enclosing a balcony in glass, which can lead to energy leakage and potential financial loss due to “knee-level void” issues, consider using partial solid walls with glass above. This design offers privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal without violating feng shui principles.

Balcony Views and Their Impact

Overlooking Busy Streets

While it may be relaxing to admire the scenery from a balcony, looking directly out onto an active street that charges towards one’s home can symbolize aggressive energy that could pose a financial threat. Short streets with lower traffic may present less of an issue compared to highways or long roads.

Balconies Facing Sharp Architectural Features

Feng shui considers balconies facing jagged buildings, reverse bow roads, or sharp angles unfavorable, as these disrupt harmony within the home and increase the risk of illness. If there are neighboring buildings with sharp angles directly in view from a balcony, owners or managers of such spaces should be mindful and consider corrective measures.

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