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Feng Shui Bedroom : How should it be arranged?

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Combining Bedroom and Living Space Space

Feng shui principles assert that the living room should serve as the focal point of any home, reflecting its owner’s generosity and openness. Conversely, bedrooms serve as private retreats where one can create intimate moments. A bedroom’s size should never eclipse that of its counterpart, as this can indicate an imbalance in personal and social dynamics within a household. In particular, an overshadowing master bedroom could mean the dominance of feminine energy over common areas and lead to potential partnership conflicts. Additionally, soft lighting may help promote restful slumber, while well-lit living rooms help ensure harmony within families. Soft lighting promotes restful sleep, while living rooms should provide adequate illumination of common spaces where family harmony exists. This contributes towards overall family harmony and helps protect against misfortune.

To Create an Ideal Feng Shui Bedroom

As people spend so much of their lives sleeping, bedroom layout is essential for restful and rejuvenating sleep. Feng shui principles provide specific guidelines that can enhance the energy of the bedroom.

  • Avoid Overhead Beams: Sleeping beneath overhead beams may result in uncomfortable feelings, leading to restlessness and fatigue.
  • Position of Bed: For optimal results, avoid positioning your bed directly opposite the door to minimize disturbances. Bedside tables should not exceed the height of the bed. It is best to avoid aquariums due to their “dripping water” sha (negative energy), and mirrors reflecting bed frames or sleeper heads should also be avoided, as they could attract negative energies.
  • Orientation of the Bed: For optimal feng shui results, beds should ideally be aligned north-south to be in sync with Earth’s magnetic fields and support our own magnetic field as best as possible. However, minor adjustments may be needed depending on room layouts or feng shui requirements.

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