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Feng Shui Calendar-The Premise of Calculating Destiny

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Feng Shui Calendar System

Feng shui’s tradition of recording years using the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches as its basis has given rise to a system for keeping track of years known as Three Eras, Nine Periods calendar system.

This calendar system began in 2698 BC, the year that marked the beginning of Yellow Emperor’s rule and also happened to coincide with a Jiazi year: Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches combined into one 60-year cycle called one Jiazi. Each cycle is known as an Era and three consecutive eras combine to form the Three Eras; Upper, Middle, and Lower Eras respectively spanning 180 years each. Within each Era are three smaller periods each lasting 20 years: Upper Era: first three periods; Middle Era: fourth through sixth; Lower Era: seventh to ninth periods – with this cycle repeating continuously.

Starting with the Yellow Emperor’s rule up until 2003, we have already passed through 79 Eras according to this feng shui calendar system. More specifically, three Eras and Nine Periods has been set forth.

Upper Era I Period: 1864-1883

Upper Era II Period 1884-1903

Upper Era Third Period 1904-1923

Middle Era Fourth Period 1924-1943

Middle Era Fifth Period 1944-1963

Middle Era Sixth Period 1964-1983

Lower Era Seventh Period (1984-203)

Lower Era Eighth Period (2004)-2023

Lower Era Ninth Period 2024-2043.

At present, we are in the early stages of Lower Era Ninth Period.

Feng shui calendars play an essential part in understanding the cycles and energies of time and space within Feng Shui, providing practitioners and enthusiasts with guidance for aligning activities and surroundings with prevailing energies of each period. As we move through Lower Era Ninth Period according to Feng Shui Calendar, it is vitally important that we remain mindful of its unique qualities and influences that may impact us during this era.

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