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What Is a Feng Shui Compass?

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Movies and television shows depict Taoist priests carrying around a tray-like object to measure feng shui. This tool, indispensable to practitioners of this ancient Chinese art form, is called a compass for measuring its effect.

Feng shui compasses are not mere works of imagination; their design is scientifically grounded. Their function resembles that of magnetic compasses but with more content. Three varieties exist: San Yuan, San He, and Comprehensive Compasses. They have square exteriors and circular interiors, with rotating copper plates. Various scales around the plates facilitate feng shui applications.

Feng shui compasses have many symbolic interpretations. Their inner disc has a “heaven pool,” while both spin at once. A magnetic needle located within this pool points south and north while also aligned with a red line at its base – both can help determine how a residence should be oriented.

Feng shui schools utilize compasses with differing layers, and their methods of interpreting fortune and misfortune using this indicator vary, demonstrating their level of expertise in this practice.

How to Use a Feng Shui Compass

As part of feng shui practice, it is necessary to utilize a compass. Make sure it is level when measuring, standing in the center of your house for surveys, removing nearby metal magnetic fields before surveying, keeping metallic items and magnetic items far away from any survey site and keep any metallic magnetic objects away from these places.

First, line up the central red line of a compass with the direction to be measured and turn it so its magnetic needle lies perpendicular to the meridian line. Next, use this alignment of fortune or misfortune in relation to red-line direction as an indication of fortune or misfortune, determining auspicious places based on fortune/misfortune according to red-line direction; generally multiple measurements with compass measurements will be necessary in order to pinpoint one suitable location.

Be wary of sluggish needle movements. Other metallic magnetic fields could interfere with its accuracy and reduce accuracy significantly. Avoid placing magnets near the feng shui compass as this will diminish its magnetic properties.

Mastering the use of a feng shui compass is crucial for accurate Feng Shui analysis, with this ancient tool steeped in tradition and science still playing an essential part in modern Feng Shui practice.

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