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Essential Feng Shui considerations for company site selection

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An office’s orientation can be heavily impacted by its industry affiliation, since each industry corresponds with one of the five elements found within feng shui. Understanding and using this knowledge to increase energy and success for an feng shui-oriented office.

Metal Element Industries

Industries associated with metal include finance, machinery, and jewelry. Offices within these fields should aim for an East-West orientation with Southeast-Northwest being second best as this alignment helps enhance precision and clarity needed for success in these fields.

Wood Element Industries

Wood element industries allow more freedom when choosing an office orientation. Acceptable directions may include East-West, Northwest-Southeast, and Southwest-Northeast. This category encompasses cultural publishing services, health catering, and tourism – the wood element promoting growth and creativity that are vital components to their success in these areas.

Water Element Industries

Industries related to water elements, including insurance, aquaculture, and navigation, often benefit most from having their operations align with North-South directions. This helps facilitate their fluidity and adaptability which enables smooth business operations and decision-making processes.

Fire Element Industries

Industries associated with fire, such as electronics and flammable materials, typically prefer three directions of orientation for their operations: North-South, East-West, and Southeast-Northwest. These orientations foster dynamic energy and innovation required in fire-related sectors for progress and protection.

Earth Element Industries

Industries tied to earth elements, including real estate and livestock, should prioritize North-South, Northeast-Southwest, and Southwest-Northeast orientations as these will promote stability, growth, and long-term success in earth industries.

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