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Feng Shui Living Room : How should it be arranged?

Significance of Directions in a Living Room

A “feng shui living room,” as its central component, holds symbolic meaning through its four cardinal directions. Each direction corresponds with different aspects of life based on the five elements theory.

North: To symbolize career prospects associated with water elements and encourage career expansion, using black or blue colors as well as aquatic motifs in your artwork may help accelerate development.

South: Representing fame and reputation governed by fire elements, red hues or wooden furniture with red accents can enhance a homeowner’s status and reputation.

East: Connected to wood elements such as indoor plants, green tones are great ways of improving family health.

West: White or metallic colors can help bring good luck when decorating the West to symbolize offspring luck and connect to its metal element, strengthening this aspect.

Living Room Facing the Kitchen

Many homes feature living rooms that look directly into their kitchens. While this arrangement may seem convenient, this situation often disrupts the energy in both spaces by mixing together their boisterous nature and noise pollution – potentially unbalancing household harmony. To counter this effect, installing partitions between these areas or placing an energy-sapping lamp within living rooms may help sustain positive energy.

How to Arrange the Living Room

A well-organized living space is essential to creating a harmonious “feng shui living room.” Clutter can disrupt the energy flow, similarly to how impurities in one’s bloodstream affect one’s wellbeing. Fostering collective efforts toward maintaining cleanliness and using storage furniture wisely while keeping unnecessary items out can have significant beneficial effects on an area’s energy. Establishing specific places for commonly used items such as remote controls and cups, as well as using storage boxes, are all integral practices that contribute to maintaining an orderly and clutter-free coffee table, vital for creating harmony within an energetic living room!

Addressing “Being Under the Thumb”

In feng shui, living space arrangements can play an influential role in how partners balance power dynamics. From an entrance’s standpoint, the left side represents male energy while the right represents female energy. Any overly dominant right side, such as when filled with heavy furniture or shadowed by tall buildings, can increase female influence and lead to “whipped” scenarios for male partners. Balancing both sides can help ensure equal power dynamics within your relationship.

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