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Feng Shui Staircase | How To Design Stairs

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Feng Shui Staircase | Importance of Staircase Placement

Feng shui emphasizes the position and orientation of staircases to ensure a harmonious flow of energy, known as qi. Placing a staircase directly facing or in alignment with the main entrance can disrupt this flow, creating aggressive energy known as road rush, which poses risks to households.

Directional Considerations A south-facing staircase may experience intense sunlight during summer, potentially causing dizziness and compromising safety. On the other hand, north-facing staircases may experience cold drafts in winter, dissipating warmth and draining energy levels, leading to health issues. They are also associated with career progression challenges and urinary system health concerns.

Remedies for Inauspicious Staircase Location

If relocating the staircase is not possible, feng shui offers remedies to minimize negative impacts:

  • Add Bend: Incorporating a turn in the staircase design can help reduce energy-draining effects and direct impact.
  • Concealment: Using walls or decorative items to block immediate view of the staircase upon entering a home can protect qi from being disrupted or dispersing too quickly.
  • Use of Screens: Screens can subtly divide space and redirect energy flow without altering the home’s aesthetics or functionality.
  • Under-Stair Utilization: Converting the space beneath the staircase into a storage or bathroom area not only maximizes space usage but also anchors any loose energy caused by its presence.

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