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Feng Shui Bedroom | Taboos In The Bedroom

Bed orientation is a complex part of Feng Shui that encompasses astronomy and geography knowledge. As is well-known, Earth is composed of magnetic lines running North to South; humans also possess magnetic fields which travel north-south. After spending time outdoors or engaging in certain activities during the day, our own magnetic fields become distorted; sleeping with your head and feet aligned North-South can restore physical and mental well-being by realigning our magnetic fields with those on Earth’s magnetic field.

Feng Shui Bedroom-Single Bedroom

Sleeping with one’s head facing East or West can have its advantages. Young adults could sleep with their heads towards the East to embrace morning vitality. Insomniacs might sleep with heads West for better rest, altering habits for improvement.

Conclusion: Feng shui bedroom bed orientation knowledge can be quite extensive, and should be tailored specifically to each bedroom layout and individual occupant. Sometimes sleeping facing West can reduce external disturbances for improved restful slumber.

Auspicious and Unauspicious Influences Under-the-Bed

To save space, it’s common practice to store items under the bed such as extra bedding, shoes or even old books and newspapers. Unfortunately, this area tends to collect dust and may harbor pests which negatively impact both feng shui and health. If necessary, use a long bed skirt with decorative edges as protection against negative energy while maintaining regular cleaning regime.

Feng Shui Bedroom-Messy bed in the study

By placing auspicious objects beneath your bed, such as red envelopes for wealth, osmanthus leaves for fertility or rice for prosperity, you can harness positive energy and bring prosperity. However, they should be regularly swapped out in order to stay effective.

Air Conditioning’s Role in Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom-Vintage Double Bedroom

Air conditioning has an enormously detrimental effect on traditional feng shui due to its air circulation. To align with natural energies and avoid disruptions such as colds, the airflow should move from top to bottom in a horizontal motion. Furthermore, regular cleaning of your air conditioner is necessary in order to remove bacteria or dust accumulation that might enter through its vents and enter your room through its airflow.

Poor-quality air conditioning units may create noise pollution in the form of fan noise or water droplets dripping onto surfaces, especially at night time, disrupting rest and disrupting sleep.

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