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10 FengShui Tips for Instant Understanding of Home FengShui

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    12 月
    9:09 上午
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  1. Making Your Living Room Visible upon Entry In FengShui, visibility of the living room upon entering is of great significance for harmony and prosperity within any home. Modern designs sometimes prioritize kitchens or bathrooms at their front entrance instead – which FengShui considers contrary to good luck!
  2. Align Bedroom Door It is believed that having your bedroom door facing directly towards the main entrance may invite distractions and unwanted energy, potentially disrupting personal relationships and disrupting harmony in your household.
  3. Central Living Room Placement Placing the living room at the center of your house symbolizes balance and is considered auspicious for prosperity and harmony within a household.
  4. Avoid Beam Pressure In FengShui, direct overhead beams positioned directly over beds, desks or dining tables can be considered oppressive; to increase emotional and physical wellbeing it may be advantageous to cover them up using false ceiling panels if unavoidable.
  5. Mirrors Near Bed Large dressing mirrors placed near beds should be avoided as they have the potential to disturb restful nights and cause insomnia.
  6. Evergreen Plants for Prosperity Incorporating evergreen potted plants can add vitality and prosperity into any home environment. Look for varieties with strong root systems and leaves that don’t drop easily to foster a vibrant atmosphere and ensure success for everyone living inside.
  7. Caution with Large Paintings Over Beds While artwork can enhance a bedroom’s ambiance, large paintings that hang directly above beds should be avoided as these pose both safety risks and may disrupt its peaceful energy.
  8. Clean Bathrooms Foster Wealth A bathroom should serve as an oasis for cleansing and purifying, so keeping it neat, dry, odor-free, and dry should ensure positive energy and financial abundance for continued prosperity.
  9. Bed with Legs: Avoid Clutter Underneath Beds raised on legs must leave plenty of space under, especially new couples in FengShui as clutter symbolizes blocked energy and must not block energy flow from reaching both of you.
  10. Uniform Door Directions Maintaining harmony within a household demands consistent door directions determined by door handles; discordant opening patterns cause unease and imbalance.

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