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Feng Shui Studio : How should it be arranged?

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Arranging the Study Room for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Home offices or studies, an essential element to career and academic aspirations, require an atmosphere conducive to concentration and productivity. According to “feng shui studio” principles, they should be located away from high traffic or noisy areas such as the kitchen and living rooms. Placing it in the Wen Chang position – traditionally associated with wisdom and academic achievement – can bring great rewards.

Ancient feng shui practitioners considered the south an oasis of literature and arts, yet direct sunlight may cause distraction and emotional upset in a room facing directly south. Instead, opting for a more subtly lit location with curtains or blinds that regulate natural lighting could create an ideal work-study space without producing heat or glare that interferes with concentration or creates stress-inducing glare or discomfort.

Establishing an Inviting Feng Shui Studio Environment

Designing an effective and harmonious “feng shui studio” involves several components. They all contribute to its effectiveness and harmony:

  • Lighting: With soft, adjustable lighting that enhances natural lighting without overpowering a room’s environment, soft lighting adds focus and reduces eye strain in any given environment.
  • Furniture Placement: When positioning the desk near a doorway, avoid directly facing it for the best results and to allow control of the room without direct energy intruding that may become distracting.
  • Color Scheme: For optimal concentration and relaxation, select soothing neutral colors such as greens or blues that promote mental calmness while earth tones provide stability and grounding qualities.
  • Clutter Management: An organized study encourages clarity. Decluttering regularly and making use of smart storage solutions will help maintain an energy flow balance that keeps things flowing smoothly.

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