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Palmistry of the Mounts and Valleys Between Fingers

In addition to the primary palm mounts, the mounts and valleys between the fingers play a significant role in palmistry, as shown in the following image. These four palm mounts become noticeable when the fingers are held together.

Mount of Firmness:

  • Significance: Located at the junction of the First Mars mount and the Venus mount, this area changes noticeably when the thumb moves. It signifies a person’s fiery temper, proactive nature, and knack for taking the initiative.
  • Interpretation: A slightly concave mount indicates a balanced approach to life, blending strength with gentleness. Excessive prominence suggests impulsiveness and rash actions, often leading to trouble.

Mount of Affection:

  • Significance: Situated between the index and middle fingers, it represents willpower, effort, and satisfaction of desires.
  • Interpretation: A raised mount indicates strong determination, independence, and resilience against external influences. A depressed mount suggests physical weakness, mental disarray, and susceptibility to manipulation.

Mount of Wisdom:

  • Significance: Located between the middle and ring fingers, it denotes intelligence, cognitive abilities, and judgment.
  • Interpretation: Prominence in this area signifies sharp wit, thoroughness, and responsible behavior. A lowered mount points to sluggish reactions, poor judgment, and gullibility.

Mount of Aesthetics:

  • Significance: Found between the ring and little fingers, it reflects learning capacity, emotional fluctuations, aesthetic sense, and life tastes.
  • Interpretation: A full mount indicates sociability, skillfulness, and favorable interpersonal relations. An overly recessed mount suggests physical frailty, emotional turmoil, and challenges in love.

Valleys, or the spaces between fingers, are also crucial:

Valley of Firmness:

  • Significance: The gap between the thumb and index finger, symbolizing righteousness and boldness.
  • Interpretation: An optimal angle indicates independence and assertiveness. Too wide an angle suggests arrogance and recklessness, while a narrow angle indicates timidity and lack of confidence.

Valley of Affection:

  • Significance: The space between the index and middle fingers, related to willpower and self-fulfillment.
  • Interpretation: A wide angle reflects ambitious ideals and perseverance, whereas a narrow angle denotes pragmatism, possibly to the point of ruthlessness.

Valley of Wisdom:

  • Significance: The gap between the middle and ring fingers, indicating cognitive capabilities and cooperation.
  • Interpretation: A wide angle suggests creativity and strategy; a narrow angle points to stubbornness and impatience.

Valley of Aesthetics:

  • Significance: The space between the ring and little fingers, related to emotional responsiveness and sociability.
  • Interpretation: A wider angle indicates an extroverted personality and a high regard for lifestyle quality, while a narrower angle suggests introversion and conservatism.

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