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Types and Meanings of Fingernails in Palmistry

Nails, as extensions of the skin, can reveal a person’s health and psychological state, playing a significant role in palmistry. The classification of fingernails is as follows:

1. Square Nails: Individuals with square nails are methodical and driven in their actions, usually possessing a robust physique. This nail shape is more common in men, indicating a preference for action, hence termed “action-type” fingernails. People with these nails are balanced, capable of devising practical plans and advancing towards their goals step by step. However, they often find themselves at a loss when unexpected changes occur in their plans. These individuals are also sensitive, prone to anxiety, and may lack a sense of security, sometimes even resorting to biting their nails, further accentuating the square shape.

2. Rectangular Nails: Found in both men and women, men with rectangular nails tend to be more refined. These nails indicate a thoughtful nature. Individuals with this nail shape are disciplined, reliable, quiet theorists, though they may be somewhat neurotic.

3. Narrow Rectangular Nails: Signify emotional instability and neuroticism, poor physical strength, and potential respiratory issues.

4. Short Square Nails: Indicate emotional instability and neurotic tendencies.

5. Round Nails: Suggest an artistic appreciation and taste.

6. Shell-shaped Nails: Indicate capability in detailed and complex tasks, such as those required by inventors, adventurers, watchmakers, and technical fields.

External influences on nails, such as nail polish or fungal infections, have negligible impact on one’s destiny, as palmistry mainly focuses on inherent characteristics.

Nails can also reflect one’s health status.

The presence and size of lunulae, or the white crescent shapes at the nail base, indicate health. Absence suggests anemia, while overly large lunulae indicate high blood pressure.

A person with lunulae on every fingernail metabolizes quickly and is very healthy.

Nail color also signifies health: red nails indicate robust vitality; white nails suggest anemia; blue or cyan nails indicate poor circulation; naturally yellow nails suggest a hard life; and acquired yellowing does not count towards destiny predictions.

Excessively red nails may indicate irritability and excitement, pointing to potential circulatory system issues. Paler nails suggest a detached personality and a risk of anemia.

Nail hardness can also reveal one’s constitution. Hard nails suggest a strong physique. If nails are hard and thick, it signifies robust health and optimism in overcoming difficulties, though it may also indicate arrogance and a strong subjective nature, potentially leading to conflicts.

Short nails indicate poor health, particularly cardiovascular issues, and suggest a person is low-profile and lacks confidence, unsuitable for high-stress occupations but good for academic research.

Thin and soft nails indicate poor health and a predisposition to various illnesses, leading to frequent hospital visits. Individuals with these nails often experience mental depression and introversion, and they can be severely affected by adversities.

Long nails imply weak physical health, sensitivity, cautious behavior, jealousy, and a disdainful view of those around them.

Concave nails indicate nervous sensitivity, insomnia, potential substance abuse, lack of willpower, and a susceptibility to luxury.

Convex nails, where the middle protrudes, suggest poor health, respiratory issues, and the more pronounced the convexity, the more serious the problem.

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