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Feng Shui House | Using a Fish Tank to Defuse a Crisis

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    2 月
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No home can be deemed perfect in feng shui house, yet ancient wisdom holds that imperfections can be artificially rectified. Traditionally, it was believed that pouring water on unlucky spots within a residence could turn misfortune to fortune. Modern homes might not have natural access to this, but symbolic objects can serve as effective replacements.

Feng Shui House | Fish Tank

Aquariums have become an increasingly popular home decor trend, serving both as decorative elements and as powerful feng shui tools to “channel water into the home” and neutralize negative energies in auspicious areas. When placing aquariums within a house using Feng Shui principles, however, care must be taken in their placement in order to maximize their benefits without inadvertently inviting negative outcomes.

First and foremost, an aquarium’s height should not be excessive to avoid any potential health issues for its inhabitants. Furthermore, its size must also be kept reasonable as an excessively large or deep body of water could promote negative energy instead of producing the intended positive outcomes.

Conclusion While an aquarium can significantly add to the harmony and energy flow within a feng shui home, its placement must be deliberate and thoughtfully. By following these guidelines, homeowners can increase auspiciousness within their living space for greater balance and prosperity in their life.

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