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The Principle of Mutual Generation and Overcoming in the Five Elements

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In our previous articles, we’ve learned about the Yin and Yang aspects and the Five Elements in the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. Now, let’s delve into the principle of the generating and overcoming relationships among the Five Elements:

Generating Cycle of the Five Elements: Metal generates Water, Water generates Wood, Wood generates Fire, Fire generates Earth, Earth generates Metal.

Overcoming Cycle of the Five Elements: Metal overcomes Wood, Wood overcomes Earth, Earth overcomes Water, Water overcomes Fire, Fire overcomes Metal.

Many people have questions regarding the generating and overcoming principles of the Five Elements. Let’s analyze some examples to clarify these interactions.

Examples of the Overcoming Cycle:

  • Metal overcomes Wood: An axe (metal) cuts down trees (wood).
  • Wood overcomes Earth: Trees (wood) break through the soil (earth) to grow.
  • Earth overcomes Water: Soil (earth) can be used to prevent flooding (water).
  • Water overcomes Fire: Water extinguishes fire.
  • Fire overcomes Metal: Fire can melt metal.

Examples of the Generating Cycle:

  • Water generates Wood: Trees absorb water to grow.
  • Wood generates Fire: Burning wood fuels a fire.
  • Fire generates Earth: After a fire, everything turns to ash, returning to the earth.
  • Earth generates Metal: Metals are extracted from minerals in the ground.
  • Metal generates Water: Melted metal turns into a liquid form.

In Bazi astrology, the Five Elements represent aspects such as time, individuals, wealth, marriage, career, etc. We use the generating and overcoming relationships among the Five Elements to predict fortunes and misfortunes.

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