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Face Reading | Forehead Hairline Analysis and the Widow’s Peak

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Face Reading | The shape of the forehead, composed of both the forehead itself and the hairline, provides significant insight into a person’s physiognomy. Here’s an analysis of several common forehead shapes:

  1. M-Shaped: An M-shaped forehead is characterized by a receding hairline at the temples, forming an M shape. This receding spot coincides with the position of the “Yi Ma” (驿马), indicating that the person’s Yi Ma is unobstructed, often leading to excellent luck in travel and a propensity to gain fame overseas.
  2. Square Shape: If the hairline and forehead form a square shape, the breadth and height of the forehead must be considered. A forehead that appears too low due to the hairline indicates a possibility of humble beginnings or a lack of sophistication even if wealth is attained. Conversely, a square-shaped forehead with normal height and width suggests a noble origin and good family background.
  3. Uneven Hairline: An uneven hairline suggests a weak bond with the father and potential obstacles in education, such as part-time studies or studying away from home.

Face Reading | Some forehead shapes and hairlines:

  1. Widow’s Peak: A Widow’s Peak is a V-shaped point in the hairline in the middle of the forehead. Individuals with this feature may experience poor academic luck around the ages of 15 or 16. Strategies such as part-time studies or studying in a different location can mitigate this. A Widow’s Peak, also known as “Golden Rooster Pecking the Forehead,” implies that despite favorable fortunes in youth, sustaining success into midlife can be challenging due to suppressed luck, especially before the age of 30. The larger the Widow’s Peak, the more significant the challenges faced. !https://www.36fengshui.com/images/zyz.jpg
  2. Fuzzy Forehead: Some women have sparse, down-like hair on the upper forehead. This feature tends to be unfavorable for marriage, leading to early marriage and possibly multiple marriages. Delaying marriage or choosing a partner significantly older (by at least 10 years) can help counteract this.
  3. Curly Forelock: Individuals with short, thin, curly hair on their forehead may adversely affect their parents, potentially shortening the lifespan of one parent. The saying goes, “Yellow hair curled at the forehead corners, early loss of one or both parents.”

For more information on forehead physiognomy, click on: Hair and Hairline Physiognomy Analysis.

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