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Face Reading | Analysis of Four Types of Cheek

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    5 月
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Cheek shapes in face reading reveal much about a person’s character and potential life trajectory. Here’s a closer look at the implications of different cheek types.

Sunken Cheeks: People with sunken cheeks tend to lack ambition and support. Despite possibly having many friends, they receive little help and are easily hindered or burdened by others. They must rely heavily on their own efforts, and their later years may be challenging, often dependent on earlier achievements.

Sunken Cheeks

Full and Round Cheeks: Individuals with full, round cheeks are generally serious and earnest, with a proactive and non-petty nature. They are broad-minded and driven, likely gaining social prestige and success in middle age due to their initiative and determination.

Full and Round Cheeks

Cheeks with Dimples: Those who have dimples often have a sweet smile and are popular and multi-talented. They usually display their talents in their youth, have excellent social skills, and make friends from various circles. Their personality is open and easy-going, preferring a leisurely lifestyle. However, their fortunes may decline in later years.

Cheeks with Dimples

Firm Cheek Muscles: People with hard cheek muscles are typically very proud and stubborn. They possess great endurance and willpower, able to take on significant responsibilities. They prefer not to be subordinate and have a strong sense of self-defense and competitive spirit, which can sometimes feel oppressive to others.

    Firm Cheek Muscles

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