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Face Reading | Four Types of Eyes in Physiognomy

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When discussing the face reading of eyes, it’s essential to mention the concepts of one white eye, two white eyes, three white eyes, and four white eyes.

Face Reading | One White Eye

One White Eye refers to strabismus, where the eyeball is directed towards one side, showing white on only one side. Individuals with strabismus often experience early separation from their parents.

Face Reading | Two White Eyes

Two White Eyes represent normal eyes that show white on both sides. Most people have two white eyes.

Three White Eyes

Three White Eyes are characterized by whites showing on both sides and additionally on the top or bottom. If the white shows on top, it indicates cunning; if on the bottom, it often signifies punishment or affliction to parents. However, three white eyes can be a double-edged sword; people with this eye type can achieve success if they have a strong presence, as they tend to be very driven. If there’s something they desire, they will go to great lengths to obtain it. Those with three white eyes are more prone to accidents, including traffic incidents and illnesses, during significant periods related to their “eye fate.”

Four White Eyes

Four White Eyes feature very small pupils with whites visible all around. Individuals with four white eyes tend to have a strong vindictive nature and are considered to have the most challenging type of “eye fate.”

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