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Face Reading | Analysis of Four Nose Areas

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In face reading, the nose is crucial, reflecting a person’s financial and health status. The illustration shows key positions: Zhun Tou, Shan Gen, Nian Shang, and Shou Shang. These are vital for decoding nose-related insights.

Zhun Tou

Zhun Tou, symbolizing the fortunes at age 48 and overall wealth potential, suggests that a fleshier area indicates financial stability, whereas its absence doesn’t necessarily denote poverty. A well-endowed Zhun Tou with small nostrils and thicker nasal wings signifies a person who earns through hard work and steady progression. Conversely, a leaner Zhun Tou with larger nostrils and thinner wings suggests a propensity for speculative ventures, which might not guarantee constant wealth but can lead to significant financial gains.

The Tip Of The Nose

The tip of the nose reflects one’s benevolence. A full tip suggests a kind-hearted individual, whereas a pointed and drooping tip, resembling a hawk’s beak, may indicate a less compassionate nature. The ‘miser’s nose,’ with a drooping and large tip, signifies proficiency in numerical tasks, suitable for careers in calculation.

Thickness Of The Nose

The thickness of the nasal wings pertains to the ability to retain wealth. Although this feature’s importance has diminished in modern times due to changing financial practices, it still provides insights into one’s approach to money management.

Bridge Of The Nose

The bridge of the nose encompasses Nian Shang and Shou Shang, representing ages 22 and 25, respectively. These areas indicate one’s career trajectory in large organizations or governmental positions. A pronounced and full area suggests success in bureaucratic or institutional roles, whereas indentations may encourage entrepreneurial or military careers.

Contrary to street fortune-tellers’ claims, hair covering the Guan Lu Gong (official luck palace) does not necessarily affect one’s destiny. If fortune is destined, no hairstyle can alter it; the absence of fortune cannot be compensated for by a hairstyle either.

In summary, the physiognomy of the nose, including Zhun Tou, Shan Gen, Nian Shang, Shou Shang, and its overall shape and features, offers profound insights into a person’s financial prospects, career path, health, and character traits. For more detailed interpretations, further reading is recommended at: Facial Reading of the Nose.Analysis of Four Nose Areas in Physiognomy

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