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Utilizing the Wenchang Position To Quickly Improve Your Learning Ability

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As the national college entrance examination approaches, many parents turn to temples in search of amulets that will bring good grades for their children. While this practice may fulfill psychological needs, its roots go even deeper into Feng Shui traditions.

Significance of Wen Chang Position

Feng Shui holds that Wen Chang positions are essential in creating an optimal learning environment and are widely believed to increase students’ concentration and academic performance. Therefore, locating your study or children’s room near this energy source is key for harnessing its benefits; if student performance remains poor despite this setup, check if any impurities have been placed into Wen Chang positions as this could indicate impurity within them.

Locating Wen Chang Position

The Wen Chang position can vary according to both an individual’s birth chart and annual Feng Shui cycle, typically determined by door orientation. If an entrance faces east, its Wen Chang location would likely be in its northwest corner; otherwise it might fall somewhere closer to its northeast corner; etc. There may also be specific correlations between door directions and Wen Chang positions.

Positioning a study room or desk in Wen Chang energy can be the key to unlocking academic excellence.

Setting Up Wen Chang Position

For an optimal Wen Chang area, choose gray or blue floors and carpets, with plants like Lucky Bamboo added for fresh air and Qi flow – one or four stalks being most auspicious. In rural traditions, people traditionally worshiped their Wen Chang position on Lunar New Year with red-wrapped leeks and celery as symbols of increased eloquence and wisdom – placing calligraphy brushes or the “Wen Beast” can further improve its luck.

Make sure that the Wen Chang position is well ventilated and illuminated, avoiding direct afternoon sun that can disturb energy flow. Your study desk should face away from door or windows to avoid negative energies; its position should also not face directly towards door/window doors/windows nor directly under any windows to minimize negative energy from passing through. A peaceful study environment is important so remove noisy appliances such as phones from nearby keeping beams overhead as these bring oppressive energy; in addition, keep this space as clear as possible from impurities like bathrooms/trashcans etc.

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