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Face Reading | Analysis of Glabella Wrinkles

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The root of the nose, situated between the eyes above the nasal bridge, is crucial in face reading as it governs an individual’s fortunes during middle age and indicates the likelihood of leaving one’s native place. Wrinkles at the root of the nose suggest challenges, especially a tendency to relocate and face significant difficulties at the age of forty-one.

Smooth Root of the Nose

Ideally, this area should be smooth, flat, and free of any marks, wrinkles, or scars. Individuals with horizontal lines across this area (known in face reading as a “broken mountain root”) tend to encounter obstacles during their mid-life. Their efforts are often abandoned halfway, and they may experience significant changes in their marriage and financial status.

Deep Horizontal Wrinkles at the Root of the Nose

Those with multiple deep horizontal wrinkles are hardworking and pragmatic but can be somewhat miserly. They are worriers by nature and not very open-hearted. Middle age may bring many setbacks for them, but these individuals are also equipped to face these challenges and often seek opportunities far from their birthplace.

Cross Wrinkles at the Root of the Nose

People with vertical and horizontal wrinkles (forming a cross) at the root of the nose often have a neurotic personality. They are overly concerned and sensitive, frequently feeling unappreciated and encountering many life setbacks. However, they often find solace and gain in spiritual and religious pursuits later in life.

Horizontal Wrinkles Connected with Vertical Eyebrow Lines

Individuals whose horizontal nose root lines connect with vertical lines between the eyebrows experience considerable ups and downs in life, particularly in their careers and personal relationships. If they choose to start their own business during mid-life, they are prone to financial crises. However, if their nasal features are otherwise favorable, they can overcome these adversities and achieve breakthroughs.

Understanding these features of the root of the nose can provide valuable insights into navigating the challenges and opportunities that mid-life may bring.

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