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Face Reading | Analysis of Hairline Physiognomy

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    4 月
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The characteristics of one’s hair and hairline can reveal much about their inner personality traits according to face reading.

Hair Characteristics:

  1. Thick and Coarse Hair: Individuals with thick and coarse hair tend to have a strong and impulsive personality, slightly narrow-minded, and lead a busy life. They might face some challenges in their youth but have abundant energy and often work hard. Success may come in middle age due to their diligence and strong ambition.
  1. Soft and Fine Hair: People with soft and fine hair generally have a calm personality and handle affairs smoothly and comfortably. They are suited for clerical jobs and may achieve a distinguished status, though they can be somewhat indecisive and not very resistant to hard labor. Success can lead to complacency if not careful.
  1. Sparse Hair: Those with sparse hair tend to have better fortune in their old age. However, young individuals with thinning hair might experience a lack of vigor and a shortage of proactive energy, often feeling powerless. They are better suited for intellectual or staff roles where they can excel.
  1. Black and Dense Hair: Individuals with black and thick hair are vigorous, with a robust spirit and blood flow. They have a strong and confident personality, act independently, and are self-motivated. Life may present many challenges, but persistent effort usually leads to success.

Hairline Characteristics:

  1. Sharp Hairline at the Forehead: Known as “hair spike rushing towards the official position” in face reading, these individuals are emotionally rich, sharp-minded, and talented, often exhibiting unconventional thoughts and behaviors. However, this feature can lead to instability in their career, especially for men, who are advised to seek stable employment.
  1. Sharp Hairline on Both Sides of the Forehead: Termed “Xuanwu spike,” these people are proactive, shrewd, and realistic. They are doers who might appear strong externally but are internally sensitive and dislike being lectured or criticized.
  1. Rounded and Drooping Hairline at the Forehead: This type of person is competitive, intelligent, and socially well-connected but also somewhat egocentric. They are persistent and explosive in nature, decisive in action yet considerate, often taking care of their family and friends loyally.
  1. Uneven Hairline Resembling Sharp Teeth or Waves: Individuals with this hairline are whimsical and carefree, lacking a strong sense of responsibility and full of quirky ideas. As teenagers, their rebellious or unstable nature often causes concern for their parents and teachers.

Understanding these hair and hairline traits can provide valuable insights into a person’s character and potential life path.

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