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Face Reading | Analysis of Hall of Seal Wrinkles

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Face Reading | However, many people have wrinkles on their Yintang, some congenital and some developed over time. Here, we explore the implications of such features through images.

Single Straight Line on Yintang: Known in physiognomy as “Suspended Needle Breaking the Seal,” individuals with this feature tend to be stubborn and prideful, quick-tempered yet anxious. Despite this, they are just and self-reliant, often achieving success later in life—be it in wealth, marriage, or parenthood. They typically come from humble beginnings and may lack a close relationship with their father. Such individuals should be cautious of high blood pressure in midlife.

Single Straight Line

Double Straight Lines on Yintang: Referred to as “Crane Foot Lines,” these people are meticulous thinkers, often overly cautious and worry unnecessarily. Their reserved nature makes relaxation difficult, and they tend to pave their way through life independently.

Double Straight Lines

Eight-Character Wrinkle on Yintang: This feature, characterized by frowning, indicates a narrow-minded individual prone to overthinking. While they excel in analytical thinking, this often leads to poor social interactions. However, they are well-suited for careers in academia or research.

Eight-Character Wrinkle

River Character Wrinkle on Yintang: Individuals with this mark are highly sensitive to gains and losses. They have a strong sense of justice but often feel unable to fulfill their ambitions and trust only their judgment. This can lead to impulsive actions when working with others. For women, this line suggests a weak romantic destiny and challenging marital life.

    River Character Wrinkle

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