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Face Reading | The Hall Of Seal And Palace Of Destiny

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The image above marks the position of the Hall of Impression, an essential aspect of face reading, and today we’ll discuss this area, located between the eyebrows, also known as the Destiny Palace in the twelve palatial divisions. It governs the fortune at the age of 28 and significantly influences one’s lifelong destiny through the lens of face reading.

The Destiny Palace, or the Hall of Impression, dictates how easily one’s desires are fulfilled and adaptability to life’s various changes.

What does a good Hall of Impression look like? It should be sufficiently wide and full, without wrinkles or moles.

How wide should the Hall of Impression be? Some say it should accommodate two fingers, which isn’t accurate because face shapes differ. For broad faces, two fingers’ width is normal, but it would be abnormal for slender faces. Thus, the width of the Hall of Impression should be judged proportionally to the face shape.

An overly broad Hall of Impression isn’t favorable either. Observing individuals with intellectual disabilities, one might notice their unusually wide Hall of Impression, which is not a positive attribute. A width within normal ranges tends to make one more open-minded and adaptable.

Some individuals have a vertical line in their Hall of Impression, a feature known as the “Suspended Needle Breaking the Hall of Impression.” This trait suggests delayed wealth, marriage, childbirth, a poor background, and a lack of connection with the father.

When discussing the Hall of Impression and the Destiny Palace, one cannot overlook unibrows. Unibrows, where the eyebrows meet, indicate that the Hall of Impression is compromised. Contrary to some beliefs that individuals with unibrows are stingy, they are actually more persistent and have difficulty letting go. To mitigate the influence of unibrows, one can pluck the connecting hairs while mentally reminding oneself to be less fixated. This psychological suggestion can be effective; simply plucking without changing one’s mindset has little impact on destiny.

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