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What To Do If The House And Personal Elements Do Not Match?

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    3 月
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In real-life situations, it’s common to encounter mismatches between a person’s elemental sign (based on their birth year) and their residence’s Feng Shui, where East Group individuals reside in West Group houses and vice versa. How should one address such situations?

When faced with such mismatches, the auspicious or inauspicious positions should be determined based on the individual’s signs rather than the house’s. For example, if a person with a Li sign lives in a Dui house, residing in the East direction can be favorable, despite it being inauspicious for the Dui house, because, according to the individual’s personal Kua number, the East is an auspicious Sheng Qi direction.

The method to calculate a person’s Kua number and the auspicious or inauspicious directions for different Kua numbers can be found here: How to Calculate Your Kua Number.

Although prioritizing the individual’s Kua number over the house’s Feng Shui may not yield results as effective as when they are in harmony, it can still achieve over sixty percent of the effect of a matching situation.

To enhance the effectiveness of this approach, the most significant method is to change the position of the door. However, due to architectural constraints, altering the door’s position is often impractical. Thus, the second best solution is to use a screen. Screens have played a vital role in home decor historically and were widely used in ancient times in all living spaces.

For instance, for people belonging to the West Group, if the main door is located in the north, which is an inauspicious direction, adding a screen in the foyer can redirect the flow of energy from north to south to west to east, transforming inauspicious energy into auspicious energy as the west is an auspicious direction for them.

Screens serve three primary functions: altering the door’s position, dividing space, and protecting privacy. Depending on the material used, screens can be classified into glass, carved, or painted screens. The advantages of screens include their small footprint and flexibility, allowing not only for the alteration of the door’s position to rectify a mismatch between an individual’s Kua number and their house’s Feng Shui but also for neutralizing external Sha (negative energy). For more information on the Feng Shui significance of screens and how to choose them, click here: The Feng Shui Function of Screens and How to Choose Them.

If an East Group individual resides in an East Group house or a West Group individual in a West Group house, then the house’s auspicious and inauspicious positions can determine the fortunes. For more information on the house’s auspicious and inauspicious positions according to the Eight Mansions method, click here: East and West Group Houses Feng Shui Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions.

In summary, when there is a mismatch between an individual’s elemental sign and their residence’s Feng Shui, one should consider the individual’s Kua number for determining auspicious and inauspicious directions. In contrast, if they match, the house’s Feng Shui should be the deciding factor.

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