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Why Should a Feng Shui House Face from North to South?

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    2 月
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Residences that face south are one of the key architectural principles in China. Feng shui, an ancient art of placement and spatial arrangement, suggests that an orientation with north-facing south orientation is among its core architectural principles. According to this ancient art form, southern areas are associated with fire energy which symbolizes prosperity while North, being associated with balance and harmonization is believed to create environmental harmony and health benefits. This alignment is not simply luck-driven but an ongoing practice intended to enhance environmental harmony and ensure optimal living conditions.

Geographically speaking, China lies within the Northern Hemisphere where sunlight often rises from the southeast throughout the year. Adopting a house orientation that faces south can help control how much direct sunlight enters a home during summer’s high sun exposure; winter sunbeams provide increased warmth without being blocked out by harsh northwest winds typical to this season; therefore making north-facing south house orientation ideal in providing warmth while maintaining cool interior temperatures during the warmer seasons.

Today, this orientation remains popular with homebuyers due to its use of natural light and protection from moisture and cold winds – essential components of good health and comfort. Conversely, southwest to northeast orientation homes tend to receive less consideration due to poor lighting and an accumulation of dampness that poses health risks; but for those without many options in house orientation strategies can still enhance natural lighting with strategically placed windows, skylights, planting greenery, or using curtains as light modulators solutions.

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