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What Is House feng shui Map

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House Feng Shui Map:

The House Feng Shui Map, also known as a residential destiny chart, is a graphic representation that depicts the construction date, geographical orientation, and facing direction of a dwelling. It is an integral part of the Xuan Kong Nine Stars system, closely linked with the Nine Palaces grid for analysis. By studying the positions of the nine stars on this map, one can determine the direction and arrangement of any given space, enabling the assessment of auspiciousness for residences, rooms, buildings, or cities.

Mountain with Facing Stars

Mountain Star and Facing Star are two Flying Stars used to indicate the orientation of a home. The Mountain Star represents the direction the house faces, while the Facing Star represents the direction it faces towards. By identifying their numerical attributes, we can establish the Feng Shui map of the house using the Nine Palaces method. For example, a house in its sixth period would have six white stars in its central palace, with other Flying Stars arranged around this chart according to the designated arrangement. The Mountain Star is represented by two black stars, while the Facing Star is represented by one white star.

Dual Stars Convergence

The concept of dual stars convergence is employed in house Feng Shui maps to depict each palace with three stars, each having its own name and attributes. Combining any two stars creates a new hexagram that represents their convergence. This results in sixty-four possible convergence hexagrams, which may indicate either fortune or misfortune for the owner.

Mountain and Facing Stars play a crucial role in shaping the wealth and human fortune within a house. They provide insights into peace and abundance for its inhabitants. Conversely, negative combinations of these stars may foretell potential disasters.

Unfavorable Mountain-Water Layout

In contrast to traditional Feng Shui arrangements, an “unfavorable mountain-water layout” represents an inauspicious star arrangement where the mountain’s commanding star is found in a palace representing its facing direction. This type of arrangement is considered unlucky.

However, careful Feng Shui adjustments can reduce the negative impact of an unfavorable mountain-water layout. When living in such an environment, it is essential to have tall buildings placed in front of your residence to block negative energies while maintaining a safe distance. Additionally, curving water bodies or roads behind your house can help buffer against the adverse effects of this arrangement.

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