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How to Determine the Month Pillar

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Regarding the Month Pillar, first, it’s important to understand that the Jia Zi calendar has no relation to the lunar calendar. Many people ask about leap months or years without the Start of Spring in the lunar calendar, which actually stems from a confusion between the lunar calendar and the Jia Zi calendar. The lunar calendar includes years without a Start of Spring and years with two Starts of Spring, but the Bazi uses the Jia Zi calendar, which does not have leap months, nor does it have years without a Start of Spring.

In the Jia Zi calendar, the division between months is based on solar terms, specifically the terms among the twenty-four solar terms. These solar terms include both “terms” and “phases,” with the terms being: Start of Spring, Awakening of Insects, Clear and Bright, Start of Summer, Grain Full, Minor Heat, Start of Autumn, White Dew, Cold Dew, Start of Winter, Major Snow, and Minor Cold. These are the twelve terms that mark the year. The “phases” include: Rain Water, Spring Equinox, Grain Rain, Lesser Fullness, Summer Solstice, Major Heat, Limit of Heat, Autumn Equinox, Frost Descent, Lesser Snow, Winter Solstice, and Major Cold. For example, the period between Start of Spring and Awakening of Insects is considered the first month in the Jia Zi calendar, and the period between Awakening of Insects and Clear and Bright is the second month, and so on.

So, if someone is born exactly on the day of Awakening of Insects, how do we determine in which month they were born? It’s simple, just like determining the Year Pillar, by determining the exact time of the solar term change. The time before the solar term change is considered the previous month, and the time after is the next month, as detailed in perpetual calendars.

Once the division between different months is established, we can determine the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches for the twelve months, thereby establishing the Month Pillar.

Determining the Earthly Branch of the Month Pillar is straightforward: the first month starts with Yin (Tiger), meaning the Earthly Branch for the first month is Yin, the second month is Mao (Rabbit), and so on.

Having determined the Earthly Branch of the Month Pillar, let’s look at the Heavenly Stem, which can be determined by the following verse:

For years of Jia and Ji, Bing leads, for Yi and Geng, Wu is the head, Bing and Xin definitely seek Geng, Ding and Ren follow Ren in turn, where to find Wu and Gui, above Jia Yin is sought with fervor.

This means, in Jia and Ji years, the first month starts with Bing Yin (Tiger), the second with Ding Mao (Rabbit), the third with Wu Chen (Dragon), and so on. In Yi and Geng years, the first month starts with Wu Yin (Tiger), in Bing and Xin years, the first month starts with Geng Yin (Tiger), in Ding and Ren years, the first month starts with Ren Yin (Tiger), and in Wu and Gui years, the first month starts with Jia Yin (Tiger).

This covers the content on setting up the Month Pillar. In the next chapter, we will learn how to set up the Day Pillar and the Hour Pillar.

For those interested in further information about setting up the Month Pillar, you might find the following resource useful: Finger Counting for Determining the Month Pillar.

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