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How to Determine the Wealth Position

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The “wealth position” refers to areas that can activate one’s financial fortune. It is mainly divided into two categories: residential wealth position and personal wealth position.

The residential wealth position is primarily determined through the Eight Mansions method and the Xuan Kong Flying Stars method. Both methods are widely adopted. We suggest that for ordinary residences, both the Eight Mansions and Flying Stars methods are applicable. However, for factories, large stores, and other buildings with unique Feng Shui, the Flying Stars method is recommended.

Below, we will introduce the Eight Mansions method and the Xuan Kong Flying Stars method for determining the wealth position.

Compared to the Xuan Kong Flying Stars method, the Eight Mansions method is much simpler. Let’s start with the easier method.

Determining the Residential Wealth Position with the Eight Mansions Method

The Eight Mansions method classifies residences based on their orientation into eight types: East Group Houses include Zhen (facing east), Li (facing south), Xun (facing southeast), and Kan (facing north); West Group Houses include Qian (facing northwest), Dui (facing west), Gen (facing northeast), and Kun (facing southwest).

According to the Eight Mansions method, the wealth positions are the sectors of Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor), Sheng Qi (Life Generating), and Yan Nian (Longevity) within the eight mansions, each varying by direction:

  • Zhen House: South (greatly auspicious Sheng Qi), North (greatly auspicious Tian Yi), Southeast (moderately auspicious Yan Nian).
  • Kan House: Southeast (greatly auspicious Sheng Qi), East (greatly auspicious Tian Yi), South (moderately auspicious Yan Nian).
  • And so on for each house type.

Sheng Qi represents significant, speculative wealth, suitable for businesses or speculative industries, with high rewards and risks. Tian Yi represents stable wealth, suitable for salaried employees or stable industries. Yan Nian represents quick wealth, suitable for older individuals aiming for early financial gains.

Generally, for most people, the Tian Yi position can be considered the wealth position.

Just like residences, individuals are classified into East and West Group based on their birth chart. In cases of mismatch between a person’s group and their residence’s group, refer to the following link for solutions: What to do if the house and personal elements do not match.

Determining the Residential Wealth Position with the Xuan Kong Flying Stars Method

Unlike the Eight Mansions method, which activates the earth’s energy for stable and lasting effects, the Flying Stars method activates the dynamic celestial energies, causing the determined wealth positions to change frequently. The Flying Stars method is relatively complex and not necessary for everyone to learn in detail.

For 2024, the year of the Jia Chen Dragon, the number nine purple star is in the southwest, making it the annual wealth position.

Moreover, in Xuan Kong Flying Stars, not only does the position change annually but also monthly, daily, and hourly, though changes less significant than the annual shifts are often negligible.

Wealth Positions within a House

This method is used for determining wealth positions in living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Though not as powerful as the Eight Mansions or Flying Stars wealth positions, it has some referential value. The determination is straightforward: it’s the diagonal opposite of the entrance. If the entrance is central, the wealth position lies at the intersection of the diagonals, where energy gathers and circulates. For example, see the diagram below:

Enhancing the Residential Wealth Position

  1. It should be bright. A well-lit area promotes vibrant energy.
  2. It should be lively. Placing evergreen plants, especially those with large or thick leaves like Money Plants or Iron Trees, enhances vitality. However, avoid water plants or aquariums in the wealth position to prevent “wealth dissolving.”
  3. The wealth position is suitable for seating or lying down, allowing for prolonged exposure to the area’s prosperous energy.
  4. Place auspicious symbols in the wealth position, like statues of the Three Stars (Fu, Lu, Shou) or the God of Wealth, to amplify good fortune.

Personal Wealth Position

Tailoring Feng Shui arrangements to boost an individual’s fortune, under the premise of ensuring the family’s safety and harmony, can immediately enhance their luck. The personal wealth position is determined by the Lu position of one’s birth year’s Heavenly Stem, which corresponds to one of ten stems: Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, Gui. These cycle every ten years. According to the chart below, one can easily find their personal wealth position.

The chart is based on the last digit of your Gregorian birth year. For example, people born in years ending in 2 (e.g., 1972, 1982, 1992) would look up their stem, which for all these years is Ren, whose Lu position is in the Northwest. The personal wealth position, unlike the residential one, is not confined to the house but pertains to the broader direction of Northwest from home.

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