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How to Identify Favorable and Unfavorable Gods

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Identifying the favorable and unfavorable gods (喜神 and 忌神) within a Bazi chart’s structure is crucial. These terms refer to the Ten Gods in relation to the Day Master.

The Ten Gods that the Day Master requires are the favorable gods, while those it fears are the unfavorable gods.

Let’s explore how to select favorable and unfavorable gods for different Bazi structures:

The principle of favorability and aversion in Regular Structures is based on the principle of support and suppression. For those with a strong Day Master, the favorable gods are the opposing elements (Eating God, Wealth, and Officer), and the same elements are considered unfavorable (Seal and Peer). For a weak Day Master, the same elements become favorable (Seal and Peer), and the opposing elements are unfavorable (Eating God, Wealth, and Officer). If you’re unfamiliar with terms like Eating God or Wealth among the Ten Gods, click here: Overview of the Ten Gods.

Regardless of the Day Master’s strength, the dual role of the Officer (Guan/Kill) requires special attention. Without Seal elements in a strong Day Master chart, Officer is favorable; however, with Seal elements present, Officer generating Seal, which in turn generates the Day Master and causes over-strengthening, making Officer unfavorable.

For a weak Day Master, Officer is typically unfavorable, but if Seal elements are present, creating a productive Officer-Seal cycle, Officer becomes favorable. This is known as “considering Seal when facing Officer.”

Understanding favorable and unfavorable gods helps in assessing the fortune of annual cycles. A year featuring favorable gods in its Heavenly Stems or Earthly Branches suggests happiness and smooth sailing, while the presence of unfavorable gods indicates potential difficulties. However, the interaction and transformation of Stems and Branches (合化) must also be considered. If a transformation occurs, the decision on whether it’s favorable or unfavorable depends on the transforming element (化神).

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