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Increase Your “Blossom Luck” Through Feng Shui and Diet

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Luck In Love | Finding Love with Feng Shui

Discover how ancient practices like Feng Shui can enhance your luck in love. Explore the power of positioning and food choices to attract romance into your life.

Luck In Love | Feng Shui for Love

Learn about the importance of the Peach Blossom position in drawing love into your life. Symbolizing physical attractiveness and talents in literature or arts, this position naturally attracts romantic connections. Adjust your Peach Blossom position by placing a vase filled with water and fresh flowers, preferably peach blossoms, in the specific spot to invite love.

Luck In Love-Japanese bedroom with peach blossom plants

The Peach Blossom position varies based on your Chinese Zodiac sign:

  • Tiger, Horse, or Dog signs: East
  • Pig, Rabbit, or Goat signs: North
  • Monkey, Rat, or Dragon signs: West
  • Snake, Rooster, or Ox signs: South

Discover your sign’s Peach Blossom position and arrange your love symbols accordingly for a surge of romance.

Luck In Love | Dietary Paths to Love

Surprisingly, certain foods can significantly enhance romantic vibrations and improve your “luck in love.”

For Men: Incorporate shrimp into your diet to appear more desirable. Even simple dishes like steamed shrimp with egg offer nutritional benefits and increase male attractiveness.

Luck In Love-A bowl of shrimp dish

For Women: Consume crab during autumn when crabs are abundant with roe. These nutrients not only nourish your body but may also attract male attention. For optimal results, consume the entire crab.

Remember, it’s important not to combine shrimp and crab together, as doing so could undermine their beneficial effects on attracting romantic partners.

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