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Face Reading | Analysis of Jawbone Physiognomy

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Jawbones can reveal much about a person’s character and potential life trajectory according to face reading. Here are four distinct jawbone types and what they signify:

Prominently Protruding Square Jawbones

Known as “ears visible behind the jaws” in face reading, individuals with this jawbone shape are tenacious, resilient, and driven. They possess a stubborn personality that is self-centered, secretive, and destructive. They dislike subordination and often show inflexibility in their behavior.

    Asymmetrical Jawbones

    People with uneven jawbones experience significant ups and downs in their fortunes. They tend to explore unconventional paths or struggle to find a clear direction in life. Their relationships, including marital connections, are often unstable. If they start their own business, they might work hard but lack support from subordinates. In their later years, their living situations are likely to change frequently, necessitating a reliance on self-fortune.

      Irregular Shaped Jawbones

      Those with irregular jawbones are cunning and full of schemes but are also prone to quick shifts in their emotions. They frequently chase new interests, which makes their actions unsustainable in the long run. Their life path often changes unexpectedly, and they are advised to seek stability in their middle and later years.

        Prominent but Evenly Rounded Jawbones

        Individuals with this type of jawbone have excellent intellect, courage, and leadership abilities. They are decisive and practical, capable of seeing their actions through to completion. Their career development in middle and later life tends to be successful and fulfilling.

          These jawbone shapes not only give insights into an individual’s character traits but also into their potential challenges and strengths. By understanding these features, one can better navigate personal and professional relationships.

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