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What is the Juvenile Limit? When Does It Start?

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The threshold for understanding Bazi, especially in plotting the Major Cycles after constructing the Four Pillars, is relatively high. Before delving into the interpretation of these cycles, which involves the concept of the Ten Gods, it’s essential to know when the results, or the activation of these cycles (known as the start of the Luck Pillars), take effect. The period from birth until the start of these Luck Pillars is referred to as the juvenile limit. Knowing when these cycles begin, coupled with an analysis of the Ten Gods, can provide insights into the timings of one’s rise, fall, peak moments, and declines in detail.

For further reading: Bazi Chart Construction, Plotting the Major Cycles.

To determine the juvenile limit, it’s also necessary to differentiate between Yin and Yang years, based on the Heavenly Stem of the year pillar. The Heavenly Stems are categorized into Yin (Yi, Ding, Ji, Xin, Gui) and Yang (Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng, Ren), allowing us to discern, for instance, that 2016, a Bing Shen year, is a Yang year.

Let’s illustrate with an example.

Born on October 13, 1982, at 9:00, the Bazi chart reads: Ren Xu, Geng Xu, Ji Si, Ji Si.

Being a Yang year male birth, the Major Cycles are plotted in sequential order as follows: Xin Hai, Ren Zi, Gui Chou, Jia Yin, Yi Mao, Bing Chen, Ding Si.

The above constitutes the Bazi chart with each pillar governing a decade of fortunes. The entry into the first pillar marks the start of the Luck Pillars, transitioning from one pillar to the next. However, the first pillar doesn’t commence from age zero; instead, the juvenile limit, the time from birth to the start of the Luck Pillars, must be calculated. Knowing the juvenile limit allows for easy calculation of the age at the entry of each pillar since each spans ten years. Let’s see how the juvenile limit is calculated.

The juvenile limit, or the age at the start of the Luck Pillars, is determined as follows:

  1. For Yang males and Yin females, count forward from the birth time to the next solar term; 2. For Yin males and Yang females, count backward from the birth time to the previous solar term. Count the days from the birthday (excluding the birthday itself), with three days equating to one year, two days to eight months, one day to four months, and one hour to ten days, continuing until reaching the term (excluding the term itself). The calculated time is the juvenile limit, indicating the age at the start of the first Luck Pillar.

The term refers to the twelve key solar terms within the twenty-four solar terms cycle, crucial for Bazi calculation, which includes: Start of Spring, the Awakening of Insects, Clear and Bright, Start of Summer, Grain Full, Minor Heat, Start of Autumn, White Dew, Cold Dew, Start of Winter, Major Snow, and Minor Cold. The calculation must be based on these terms, not the intermediate phases.

In the example of a Yang year male birth, we count forward to the next term, which can be identified using a perpetual calendar (available via search engines), landing on the Start of Winter. If the individual were female, the calculation would invert, significantly altering the destiny. For this example, the next term is the Start of Winter, 25 days away, yielding a juvenile limit of 8 years and four months. Since the birth occurred in the Si hour, additional calculations for the hours up to the term transition are required, adding about half a month, rounding the juvenile limit to approximately 8 and a half years.

With the Luck Pillars starting at age 8 and a half, each subsequent pillar represents a decade, with transitions occurring every ten years: Xin Hai (8.5 years old), Ren Zi (18.5), Gui Chou (28.5), Jia Yin (38.5), Yi Mao (48.5), Bing Chen (58.5), Ding Si (68.5), Wu Wu (78.5).

Understanding when one enters a Major Cycle and the fortunes of specific years partially addresses the question of one’s fate. For instance, if analysis indicates favorable fortune during the Ren Zi period, one can predict a decade of prosperity from 18.5 to 28.5 years old.

This solution is partial because, although we now know which pillar governs which age, we still need to ascertain the fortunes associated with that pillar, necessitating an understanding of the Ten Gods.

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