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Feng Shui For Love | Legendary Treasures for Couples

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Modern society often challenges marital bliss with extramarital affairs and “seven-year itch”, but Feng Shui offers several auspicious treasures which may help strengthen emotional connections between spouses.

Feng Shui For Love | Checkered Dragon and Phoenix Amulets

Chequered dragon and phoenix amulets sound mysterious. Consecrated to represent pure love, these amulets are made from an extremely hard form of seashell and designed to wear separately by male and female wearers respectively – it is important that each wear their respective piece. Female gifting male the appropriate one will ensure no accidental miswearing.

Feng Shui For Love | Peach Wood Bagua Dragon and Phoenix Mirror

The peach wood Bagua dragon and phoenix mirror, with its diameter of about 30 centimeters, is designed to enhance marital relationships. Should issues arise in marriage, this miracle mirror can help dissolve negative energy quickly. For maximum effectiveness it should be displayed prominently in the master bedroom; other locations may prove less fruitful. It should never be displayed in bathrooms.

Perpetual Lily Pen Holder

Keep a perpetual lily pen holder close; it symbolizes a century of harmony like its namesake flower. Placing it on the left side of your husband’s office is beneficial, as the right side may attract negative energy.

Threaten the Seductress

Overly strong “peach blossom luck” may not always be beneficial, especially if it draws seductresses closer to you.

Some couples report experiencing multiple affairs and feeling distant from one another, leading them to experience discomfort. An inspection of your home might reveal the source of such unwanted romantic advances.

Installing flowers at the head of a bed may lead to infidelity in both partners over time and lead to family crises. Furthermore, sleeping too close to windows may create vivid dreams in which “the woman goes over the wall”. Care should be taken when placing beds too near windows with multiple sections as this may trigger intense nightmares in which she goes “over the wall.” Additionally, growing small-leaf plants within bedrooms may damage both relationships and finances in ways unanticipated by Feng Shui practitioners.

Feng shui for love doesn’t just involve adding symbols; rather, it involves creating an environment which fosters love, understanding and prosperity in relationships. By carefully selecting and placing Feng Shui treasures together as couples can strengthen their bond while protecting it against external temptations or challenges to your union.

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