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Living Room’s 9 Feng Shui Directions: Changing the Energy of the Home

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The living room serves a central role in any home. Integrating effective living room feng shui practices is a must; positioning it at the center is best to facilitate smooth, open movement lines; it should preferably face out towards the front rather than rear of your residence for best results. An effective living room should have ample natural light while bedrooms may benefit from less. Incorporating living room feng shui practices does not recommend dividing large living rooms to create bedrooms, or subdividing one into multiple smaller ones to create bedrooms.

Living room Feng Shui requires that any house entrance should not reveal directly the kitchen stove, doors, backdoors, or hallways as this could create bad luck in the house.

Living room feng shui principles recommend placing the living room near the main entrance, leading directly from the foyer. Bedrooms and kitchens should follow behind, while placing it at the back can bring financial misfortune.

9 Feng Shui Directions

Now that we understand the fundamentals of living room feng shui, let’s examine some important do’s and don’ts of living room placement within your home:

  • Central Location: Represents wealth accumulation and ease of access in living room feng shui.
  • East Location: Supporting healthful living, this area should feature red indoor plants or decor to aid career and educational fortunes.
  • Southeast: Favorable living room feng shui for children’s education, with greenery like lucky bamboo suggested as beneficial in this section of living room feng shui.
  • South: Attracts positive energy to bring good fortune into your house according to living room feng shui principles.
  • Southwest: Health can be affected, and red and yellow decor or plants can help counteract negative energy in living room feng shui.
  • West: Impacting younger female family members; yellow or white decor can brighten and balance living room feng shui in these rooms.
  • Northwest: Favoring parental figures and career growth is an integral component of living room feng shui.
  • North: Oversees relationships. White decor and flowers help maintain harmony for optimal living room feng shui practices.
  • Northeast: Due to limited sunlight, living rooms decorated in predominantly yellow and white hues should follow living room feng shui guidelines for best results.

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