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Feng Shui For Love: What Blocks Romance?

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feng shui for love | Modern society presents many young individuals with emotional struggles. Success seems elusive while difficulties abound, often leading to conflicts among couples. Relationship troubles also often affect many young people; attitude toward love plays a factor; but Feng Shui of home layout plays a vital role.

Feng Shui For Love | Beams Overhead

Beams overhead must not be forgotten: their presence can create a feeling of oppression and weight, leading to mistrust between partners and compromising interaction between them.

Soft Mattresses

Additionally, choosing soft mattresses for sleeping can have serious negative consequences on health. Feng Shui principles suggest that sleeping on an overly soft mattress can lead to high ambitions and romantic fantasies, setting unrealistic expectations. This may cause miscommunication between partners and setbacks in love relationships.

Feng Shui For Love | Bunk Beds

Bunk beds, while space-saving, can cause feelings of oppression that hinder romantic interactions. This may lead to reclusive personalities, preventing love from blossoming and delaying marriages.

Empty Vases

Many homeowners use decorative vases in their home as decorations; however, an empty vase can attract negative energy that leads to romantic strife. Therefore, it would be prudent not to keep empty vases at home if your love life is uncertain.

Connections Between House Layout and Obstacles in Love

An improper home layout can obstruct love’s path. Living near a road with steep grades prevents energy from entering the home, thus disrupting exchange between energies inside and outside it. Living under such conditions may result in communication issues among people, unsettled relationships and an overall delay in blossoming love.

If your home features a small garden, pay careful attention to its pathways. Any disruption of this layout could refracture love much like shattering glass would, leading to broken relationships or their abrupt termination.

Integrating Feng Shui for love into your home design not only increases harmony and health in your environment, but can also open the way to a flourishing romantic life. Adjustments made to your environment mindful of Feng Shui principles may contribute to more intimate, supportive and loving relationships.

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