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Determining the Main Mounts and Meanings of the Eight Major Palm Mounts in Palmistry

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The palm features several prominences, similar to hills, hence named as “palm mounts.” There are eight major palm mounts on a hand, each carrying distinct significances.

Everyone has these eight major palm mounts: Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon (also called the Luna mount), Mars (divided into Upper Mars and Lower Mars). The diagram below illustrates their positions:

These mounts vary in prominence; some may be flat while others are significantly raised. Before diving into the specifics of each mount, it’s crucial to understand the concept of the “primary mount” and how to identify it. The most pronounced mount often denotes the person’s primary mount, influencing their personality and even physical traits.

If two or more mounts are similarly prominent, finger correspondences can provide further insight. Except for Upper and Lower Mars and the Moon mount, each has a corresponding finger: Jupiter aligns with the index finger, Saturn with the middle finger, Sun with the ring finger, Mercury with the little finger, and Venus with the thumb. The better-developed finger indicates the primary mount. Good development is characterized by sufficient length and straightness.

For more details on finger characteristics, you can refer to these links: Index Finger, Middle Finger, Ring Finger, Little Finger, Thumb.

If Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury mounts are indistinguishable as the primary mount, palm lines can serve as a decisive factor. If the quality of the fingers is similar, the palm lines’ clarity and correctness will determine the primary mount.

  1. Jupiter Mount: Located under the index finger, a prominent Jupiter mount indicates strong self-esteem, leadership, power desire, and superiority.
  2. Saturn Mount: Under the middle finger, a pronounced Saturn mount signifies a quest for knowledge, self-control, introversion, and a preference for solitude.
  3. Sun Mount: Below the ring finger, those with a developed Sun mount value appearance and have artistic talents but may also be vain.
  4. Mercury Mount: Found under the little finger, it represents wealth and communication skills. Women often have less defined Mercury mounts and lines.
  5. Mars Mounts: Located at the palm’s edge between the head and heart lines (Upper Mars) and near the thumb (Lower Mars). They indicate defense and attack abilities, respectively.
  6. Moon Mount: Also known as the Luna mount, it represents imagination and is suitable for creative arts. Headline pointing towards the Moon mount indicates a penchant for fantasy.
  7. Venus Mount: A full Venus mount suggests strong sexual desires, affection, and a dislike for solitude.

The primary mount, combined with the corresponding fingers and other mounts, can reveal much about a person’s character and potential life path.

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