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Feng Shui Wealth | Using Feng Shui to Make Profits in Stocks

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As stock trading becomes an increasingly popular form of financial development, understanding its inherent risks is of vital importance. Luckily, feng shui wealth strategies exist that can assist with improving one’s fortune in this speculative realm of stocks.

Traditional Charms for Wealth

Traditional Chinese culture believes certain charms and symbols to attract wealth and protect investments, like the Pi Xiu, an auspicious animal known for its wealth-drawing properties. Many investors seeking to increase their wealth through stock investments wear one as an amulet to keep away losses. Also popularly used are placing Fortune Cat or Golden Toad figures around your home or office as these powerful feng shui symbols are thought to bring in riches while protecting investments against financial loss.

Utilizing Living Energy for Financial Gain

Add living elements into your environment to boost feng shui wealth, such as aquariums, plants or even strategic lighting to activate wealth energy in your space. Red goldfish in particular are often associated with prosperity symbolism – making them perfect for drawing financial luck into one’s life! Lucky Bamboo also uses its Qi to attract positive energy and financial opportunities into our lives.

Implementing Feng Shui wealth practices into your everyday life can offer an added spiritual edge when trading the financial markets. Wearing amulets like the Pi Xiu, decorating with symbols of prosperity or adding living energy through aquariums or plants are all ways you can align yourself with financial prosperity. Adopting these feng shui principles creates an optimum environment for financial success while giving yourself confidence when trading stocks on Wall Street.

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