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Feng Shui House | What Feng Shui Makes a House Prosperous?

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Traditional Feng Shui requires a home to adhere to certain principles to be prosperous. It should attract wind and gather energy. Being surrounded by mountains and water bodies is essential. It must also possess an “authentic dragon lair.” Though these standards seem daunting, they lay the foundation for prosperity and wellbeing.

Feng Shui House-A vintage Chinese courtyard

A successful feng shui house captures and retains energy (qi) from both heaven and earth, benefiting from an enclosed environment. Historically, residences of wealthy families were often designed with high walls and deep courtyards to achieve this objective. Geographically advantageous locations – those near mountains and water for instance – are considered more ideal in terms of absorbing positive qi; having “dragon’s lair” at home maximizes auspiciousness even further.

Feng Shui House-A vintage Chinese courtyard

Traditional Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy centered on maintaining harmony between humanity and nature, much like eco-friendly living concepts prevalent today. This ancient practice emphasizes living in harmony with nature while not disrupting or dominating it through human activities. Utilizing natural energy and resources available within their surroundings, these dwellings are created to fit seamlessly with nature’s cycles and rhythms. But the aim should be achieving a harmonious relationship, where neither built environments overpower nor depend too heavily on natural settings for sustenance and vitality. Such an approach promotes sustainable ways of living that not only benefit residents directly but also preserve natural world for future generations.

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