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Face Reading | Mars, Heavenly Center, and Heavenly Court

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Face Reading | The positions of Mars, Mid-heaven, and Heaven’s Hall as shown in the image above are situated in a line at the upper center part of the forehead, governing the fortunes at the ages of 15, 16, and 19, respectively.

Mars influences the fortune at age 15. It’s generally hidden within the hairline and becomes visible if there’s hair loss or the hairline recedes. Mid-heaven governs the fortune at age 16, usually located just below the hairline. Mars and Mid-heaven reveal the academic success and potential during ages 15 and 16.

Heaven’s Hall controls the fortune at age 19 and also indicates whether a person will receive support from influential individuals throughout their life. A prominent Heaven’s Hall suggests early success and the likelihood of finding benefactors. Many young celebrities or individuals with significant ancestral wealth have a full Heaven’s Hall. For example, Cecilia Cheung has a prominent Heaven’s Hall, indicating support from influential figures, leading to her early rise in career.

For Mars, Mid-heaven, and Heaven’s Hall, being high and broad is favorable. However, if a widow’s peak covers Mars, or if the hairline is uneven or too low, it can have adverse effects.

It’s important to note that these observations pertain to the hairline, not the hair itself. Many street fortune-tellers claim that hair covering the forehead suppresses luck, but this is not accurate. Your fate is not determined by your hairstyle. If you’re fortunate, any hairstyle works; if not, no hairstyle can change that.

Ideal physiognomy features high Mars and Mid-heaven, a full Heaven’s Hall, and a wide forehead. There’s a misconception that a broad forehead in women signifies overpowering their husbands. This belief is outdated. Physiognomy must evolve with time. In the past, a wife was not expected to work, and a capable woman was thought to overshadow her husband. Today, such traits merely indicate a woman’s independence and competence. Hence, women with favorable Mars and Mid-heaven might consider marrying younger men or seeking partnerships where they are the more accomplished partner.

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