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Palmistry of the Upper and Lower Mars Mounts

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When analyzing palmistry, both the individual prominence of the major palm mounts and their interactive effects, known as mount compatibility, are taken into account. This approach helps to reveal a person’s characteristics and potential life paths. Let’s explore the significance of the Upper and Lower Mars mounts and their compatibility with other mounts.

The locations of the Upper and Lower Mars mounts are as follows:

The Upper Mars mount, also known as the Second Mars mount, and the Lower Mars mount, also known as the First Mars mount, are examined for their resilience and assertiveness. The Upper Mars mount reflects a person’s resistance and ability to endure adverse conditions without losing hope or spirit. It essentially assesses the defensive strength against external adversities. The Lower Mars mount, on the other hand, evaluates the offensive strength and ambition in favorable circumstances. For a clear observation of the Lower Mars mount, the thumb should be brought together with the other fingers to make the mount more prominent.

Individuals with well-developed Mars mounts are particularly suited for careers in the military or politics. A full Upper Mars mount indicates the capability to overcome adversity, while a full Lower Mars mount signifies bravery and the willingness to face danger.

If the Upper and Lower Mars mounts are the most pronounced, they are considered the primary mounts. Identifying the primary mount might not always be straightforward. For more detailed insights, refer to Determining the Primary Mount: An Analysis of the Eight Major Palm Mounts.

Individuals with Mars as their primary mount exhibit distinct character traits rather than specific physical features. They tend to have a fiery temperament, act decisively, and can easily succeed in the military or political arena. This proactive and aggressive nature helps in making friends and achieving success but may also lead to conflicts.

Each primary mount has an auxiliary or secondary mount, which significantly influences it. Let’s examine how the Upper and Lower Mars mounts, when primary, interact with other mounts:

  1. Mars and Jupiter Compatibility: Limited interaction; the assertiveness of Mars can accelerate success, while Jupiter enhances leadership skills.
  2. Mars and Saturn Compatibility: Adds stability to the path to success and thereafter, but with minimal impact.
  3. Mars and Sun Compatibility: Not harmonious, offering little to no mutual benefits. People with pronounced Mars mounts tend to have robust health and less artistic inclination, contrasting with Sun mount attributes.
  4. Mars and Mercury Compatibility: Ideal combination, symbolizing perseverance, aggressiveness, and wealth, promoting mutual growth.
  5. Mars and Moon Compatibility: Lacks harmony, as both represent instinctual aspects. If both are developed, it may increase criminal tendencies.
  6. Mars and Venus Compatibility: Greatly beneficial, tempering the potential cruelty of an underdeveloped Mars with the compassion of Venus, preventing brutality.

Understanding the dynamics between the Upper and Lower Mars mounts and other palm mounts offers valuable insights into an individual’s temperament, resilience, and potential success in life.

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