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Types and Meanings of the Mercury Line in Palmistry

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The Mercury line, also known as the sixth sense line, intuition line, wealth line, or health line, is a palm line pointing towards the Mount of Mercury. Its specific location is shown in the image below:

The Mercury line can complement the head line. If a person has a weak head line but a strong Mercury line, they should learn to trust their intuition. Women often have Mercury lines, but these lines tend to be broken and discontinuous, usually leading to less effective outcomes.

Here’s a summary of the Mercury line in palmistry:

1. A Mercury line leaning towards the Mount of Venus indicates significant support from parents or elders. A line in the middle suggests reliance on personal effort, and a line close to the Mount of Moon signifies assistance from the opposite sex or friends.

The following images show Mercury lines leaning towards the Mount of Venus, in the middle, and towards the Mount of Moon, respectively:

2. A chain-like Mercury line indicates a tendency towards paranoia and nervous exhaustion, and it also signifies poor health, often related to liver issues, as the Mercury line is also known as the liver line.

3. Disbelief in intuition and neglect of the sixth sense can lead to the fading of the Mercury line. Conversely, as one utilizes their sixth sense more, the Mercury line can improve.

4. A Mercury line crossing the head and heart lines with an island between them may indicate potential for insomnia or sleepwalking.

5. A rare condition is the intersection of the Mercury line and head line with a star, which is a marker of infertility, although this is seldom seen.

6. A long, clear Mercury line that connects the life line, head line, and heart line is called a triangle flag pattern, indicating the ability to combine the powers of multiple palm lines to achieve wealth.

There are three ways to form the triangle flag pattern: one as shown above, another where the success line connects the three lines, and a third where the career line connects them. The other two triangle flag patterns respectively indicate the potential to achieve success and steadily develop one’s career by combining the strengths of multiple palm lines.

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