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Methods to Neutralize the Sharp Corner Shooting (Sha Qi)

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When looking out of windows or doors, the sight of a sharp corner from an opposing building penetrating into the room is especially to be avoided. The worst scenario involves a sharp corner directly facing the residence, where both sides of the corner can reflect intense light, creating a magnetic field with a significant impact on the interior.

Placing unusually designed furniture or decorations at home can also lead to issues with sharp corner projections. Many buildings are closely spaced, and if an opposing residence’s clothesline or antenna, which are sharp and capable of absorbing magnetic fields, directly faces your home, it’s considered a sharp corner projection, also known as Sharp Angle Sha or simply Sharp Sha.

The harm from Sharp Angle Sha relates to three factors: the sharpness of the corner, its direction, and whether a malevolent annual star has entered its direction.

Whether Sharp Angle Sha truly unleashes its malevolence depends on its position. If a malevolent star enters its direction during the year, for instance, a sharp corner in the southeast with the two black stars entering in 2015 can lead to serious illness, surgery, or even traffic accidents for those inside the house. However, with a benevolent one white star entering the southeast in 2016, the sharp corner wouldn’t cause harm that year. Thus, Sharp Angle Sha’s malevolence isn’t guaranteed and only becomes potent if a malevolent annual star activates it. Otherwise, its malevolence remains dormant. Related reading: 2024 Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui arrangement

Mitigation Methods for Sharp Angle Sha:

  1. Using “Shi Gan Dang” to Mitigate Sharp Sha

Feng Shui research includes the method of using “Shi Gan Dang” to mitigate Sharp Sha. Traditional Chinese customs believe in the incredible power of the stone deity from Mount Tai (also known as Shi Gan Dang), used for mountain steadying, wind suppressing, wave calming, Sha controlling, evil warding, and ghost expelling. Feng Shui’s concept of “backed by mountains and embraced by water” uses Mount Tai stones to neutralize any sharp corner projections. If beds and desks are under projection, placing a “mountain”-shaped stone gall in an appropriate position can turn bad luck into good. Another scientific explanation is that various “flows” in the environment, including harmful substances forming turbulent flows that disturb us, have their own wavelengths with auspicious or inauspicious effects. In landscape layouts, each convex and concave point acts as a mass point, each forming a magnetic field that emits radiation waves significantly impacting humans. Placing “Shi Gan Dang” can effectively block and shield these radiation waves, mitigating disaster.

  1. Interior Design to Resolve Sharp Angle Sha Qi

Sharp angles in modern residences not only affect aesthetics but also significantly impact Feng Shui. For furniture with sharp edges, use silk cloth, fresh flowers, or artificial plants to soften the negative energy they emit. Avoid placing sofas or chairs directly opposite sharp corners, as prolonged exposure can lead to harm. Several methods include using cabinets beside sharp angles to symbolically fill them in, placing tall, dense evergreen plants at sharp corners to reduce their impact on living room Feng Shui, setting up aquariums in sharp corner areas to diminish oppression, and hanging a crystal in front of sharp angles to disperse harsh energy.

Sharp Angle Sha is a type of Form Sha, which includes environmental factors harmful to human health and wellbeing. Other types of Form Sha are also discussed in our articles.

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