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Interpreting the Middle Finger in Palmistry

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In palmistry, the middle finger is referred to as the Saturn finger, symbolizing control. Whether a person is prone to criminal behavior or likely to stray off the right path can be deduced from the middle finger.

Individuals with a curved middle finger tend to be stubborn, quick-tempered, and weak in emotional control. On the other hand, those with a straight middle finger have stronger control. If a person’s middle finger is straight while the other fingers are bent or skewed, it indicates a potential for criminal tendencies. In such cases, it’s advised to engage in more reading and self-improvement to steer thoughts towards a positive direction. Conversely, if all other fingers are straight except for a curved middle finger, it suggests poor emotional control, which is also unfavorable. The following image illustrates an example of a curved middle finger:

An excessively long middle finger suggests a preference for solitude or a hermit-like lifestyle, indicating a more reclusive personality with a strong pursuit of knowledge.

A too short middle finger indicates a lack of interest in intellectual pursuits and a tendency towards crudeness.

When the middle finger leans towards the index finger, it shows a propensity to believe in fate.

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