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How Mirrors Affect Family Fortunes

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Feng shui mirrors have long been a subject of debate in Feng Shui practice. In ancient times, bronze mirrors were used to ward off evil spirits and reflect demons. Nowadays, larger mirrors are often used as decorative accents in modern homes.

While mirrors can have the ability to ward off evil, their placement within the home needs to be carefully considered to avoid attracting negative energy. It is advised not to position mirrors directly facing beds or desks as they may reflect and dissipate the personal energy fields of the inhabitants, potentially causing health issues and psychological stress when their reflections are seen at night.

Mirrors on dressing tables or desks should also avoid facing directly towards the bed or work area, as people spend significant amounts of time there. If ideal positioning is challenging due to space constraints, it is recommended to use thick curtains to shield the mirror or apply a Bagua sticker for additional protection.

Are Mirrors Beneficial to My Health?

Many workplaces have large dressing mirrors, and individuals concerned with their appearance often keep smaller mirrors at their desks. While vanity is a natural human trait, prolonged exposure to mirrors may lead to symptoms such as dizziness, poor sleep, and decision-making errors over time. Mirrors can act as “light ShaQi,” deflecting negative energy away from us; however, their reflections can cause chaos and disorder in one’s thoughts.

Modern architecture often incorporates glass in building facades, creating a strong source of light ShaQi. Individuals within such buildings may experience misfortune, such as accidents and financial loss, due to this effect. Therefore, it is wise to limit exposure to large mirrors to avoid such adverse outcomes.

Is It Advisable to Install a Mirror in My Kitchen?

Although mirrors are typically associated with personal grooming, using them in the kitchen for feng shui adjustments can have serious consequences.

Hanging mirrors in the kitchen is considered a severe violation of feng shui principles, as reflecting the stove may intensify the fire element and invite disaster into the home. Even if the mirror doesn’t directly reflect the stove, reflecting food or other kitchen items may still bring misfortune, including an increased fire risk or larger catastrophes. On the other hand, placing one or more mirrors in the dining area can help attract prosperity.

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