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Analysis of Moles on Fingers in Physiognomy

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How to interpret moles on fingers? This is also an important part of palmistry related to fingers.


  • Mole on the base of the thumb: Suggests a strong attraction to the opposite sex, becoming a center of attention but often entangled in matters of affection, leading to a waste of time and money and a difficult escape.
  • Mole on the middle phalanx: Indicates poor judgment, high expectations with low achievements, filled with chaotic fantasies, arrogance, making it hard to be approachable.
  • Mole on the top phalanx: Shows a stubborn character, unwilling to listen to others, lacking adaptability. Faces difficulties without the strength to recover, especially after financial setbacks.

Index Finger

  • Mole on the base of the finger: Shows lack of empathy, difficulty in connecting with others, causing alienation. Poor social skills, prone to jealousy.
  • Mole on the middle phalanx: Indicates strong ambition, resilience, and courage to face challenges. However, sometimes taking too many risks.
  • Mole on the top phalanx: Suggests a lack of focus, easily distracted by minor issues, potentially leading to accidents. Negativity and laziness in handling tasks, unable to withstand pressure.

Middle Finger

  • Mole on the base of the finger: Describes a disorganized personality, reluctance to take responsibility, and a tendency to be stingy with oneself yet generous with friends.
  • Mole on the middle phalanx: Signifies sensitivity and carefulness but emotionally volatile and prejudiced, insisting on doing things personally, making it hard to receive help from others.
  • Mole on the top phalanx: Indicates a quick temper, impulsiveness, prone to disputes. A curve towards the index finger means societal harm; towards the ring finger means trouble for the family.

Ring Finger

  • Mole on the base of the finger: Points to individualism, rebellion against restrictions, making it difficult to integrate into a group. Lavish spending habits with a weak financial concept.
  • Mole on the middle phalanx: Indicates poor financial luck, unsuitability for speculative professions. Avoid gambling to prevent ruin. Stubbornness and pride often lead to solitary actions.
  • Mole on the top phalanx: Shows impulsiveness, inability to persist in uninteresting tasks, resulting in unfinished projects and failed relationships.

Little Finger

  • Mole on the base of the finger: Denotes cunningness and materialism, leading to a cold attitude towards friends and children.
  • Mole on the middle phalanx: Signifies a tendency to gossip and create rumors, resulting in dislike. Poor financial judgment and high risk of investment loss.
  • Mole on the top phalanx: Indicates rudeness, poor interpersonal relationships, conservative nature, and slow learning progress.

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