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Face Reading | The Mountain Root, Age, Longevity, and Misfortune Palaces

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Face Reading | The image delineates the crucial locations of the Root of the Nose, Year Position (Nian Shang), Life Position (Shou Shang), and the Palace of Illness and Misfortune on the nose. These features play pivotal roles in predicting one’s fortune at the age of forty-one, health, and potential to leave their birthplace.

Face Reading | Root of the Nose

Governs the fortune at the age of forty-one and indicates whether one is likely to move far from their birthplace. Wrinkles, moles, or other imperfections in this area suggest a challenging fortune, especially at forty-one, including a high likelihood of experiencing misfortunes or health issues.

Men with a smooth and rich Root of the Nose, especially those with substantial family wealth, should invest in value-retaining assets before age forty-one. This strategy helps mitigate adverse fortunes during this period. Avoid aggressive investments to prevent financial losses. For women, having a slightly lower Root of the Nose poses no significant issues.

Year Position and Life Position

Located at the juncture between the nasal bone and cartilage, the Life Position is easily palpable and sits just below the Year Position. These form the Palace of Illness and Misfortune in facial physiognomy. A dark Year Position indicates familial health issues, while a dark Life Position suggests personal ailments. Additionally, a blue vein on the nose bridge in babies highlights weak health, underscoring these insights.

Additionally, it’s important to consider both innate and acquired influences when assessing these features, as the nose bridge is a facial area prone to injuries and surgeries.

The idea that a high Root of the Nose or nasal bridge in women can enhance their husband’s fortune requires careful interpretation. This should be analyzed alongside the spouse’s facial features for a thorough assessment. Women with prominent nasal features often thrive independently in their careers and personal lives, sometimes overshadowing their partners. Conversely, a low Root of the Nose, particularly when combined with a pronounced Year Position that creates a sharp angle, may suggest excessive skepticism and adversely affect marital harmony. This interpretation generally does not apply to men, where such features might indicate virility and career success.

For deeper understanding, further exploration of wrinkles at the Root of the Nose and their implications is recommended.

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