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Feng Shui Considerations for Moving House

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Understanding the Best Time to Move

Moving into a new residence is a significant milestone that can reap many rewards through ancient Chinese wisdom known as Feng Shui. To ensure a smooth transition, it is important to select an auspicious day for the move. Feng shui offers invaluable advice when determining the most favorable time to make this move.

Traditional wisdom suggests avoiding moving during the third and seventh lunar months due to their association with festivals such as Qingming Festival and Ullambana (Hungry Ghost Festival), when spirits may become active. Moving during these periods could disturb them and invite trouble. While these restrictions may not be as strict today, it is still prudent to avoid moving during the week prior to or subsequent to these festivals for the best results.

Choosing an auspicious date, known in Chinese as Huangdao Jiri in the lunar calendar, involves selecting days with water elements such as rain or drizzle, as these are seen as bringing good luck when moving homes. Conversely, days associated with fire should be avoided, as moving during these days may disrupt the natural energy flow. Other factors that should be taken into consideration when determining an auspicious day include your birth chart (Bazi) and the orientation of the new home. Ideally, the best time to enter the new home would be between morning and noon, as nighttime is believed to disturb natural energy flows and create negative energy within the home.

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