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Face Reading | Analysis of Facial Nasolabial Folds

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Face Reading | Nasolabial folds, commonly known as smile or laugh lines, are not possessed by everyone nor do they appear at all life stages. The diagram below marks the position of these lines. Let’s delve into the analysis of nasolabial folds.

Firstly, these lines are not innately present from birth. If they appear before the age of thirty, they are referred to as “lines of bitter tears,” indicating a youth filled with challenges and loneliness. If they develop after thirty, they are traditionally called nasolabial folds. Appearing after sixty? Congratulations, these are known as “longevity bands.” There’s a saying, “If the nasolabial folds extend beyond the mouth, life may extend to ninety; if not, it does not pass fifty-nine.” While perhaps exaggerated, it highlights that those with prominent nasolabial folds generally enjoy long lives.

Some might wonder how to interpret the absence of nasolabial folds in face reading. Simply, if there are no folds, they typically do not factor into the analysis as their development is influenced by personal characteristics and societal norms. However, prominently negative nasolabial folds can indicate unfavorable traits.

The formation of nasolabial folds can also reflect the societal structure, especially in rigid, class-conscious societies like ancient China. In such environments, stubborn and rigid personalities, which are conducive to developing nasolabial folds, were more common.

Therefore, be observant: if your boss lacks nasolabial folds, they are likely easy-going. If your boss has deep folds, be extra careful about your behavior in their presence.

Nasolabial folds also influence one’s travel luck. If your job involves frequent travel, two features are crucial: the “Bian Cheng” or migration palace, and the nasolabial folds themselves. High and prominent Bian Cheng coupled with deep, well-defined nasolabial folds suggest good fortune in travel and suitability for relocation.

Let’s explore some specific types of nasolabial folds:

  1. Double Nasolabial Folds: Characterized by overlapping lines, appearing as if there’s an extra fold. This type indicates dual parental influences or dual careers.
  2. Nasolabial Folds Breaking into Cheng Jiang: In some individuals, the folds extend and converge at the Cheng Jiang area, representing the age of seventy-one. This indicates a critical period at seventy-one, and overcoming it could extend life by another ten to twelve years.
  3. Nasolabial Folds Breaking into Lan Tai: When the starting point of the folds is low, from the nasal flares to Lan Tai and Ting Wei, it suggests financial losses. This feature indicates a life not conducive to accumulating wealth.
  4. Faint Nasolabial Folds: If the folds are barely visible, it suggests frequent career changes.
  5. Uneven Nasolabial Folds with Moles: If one fold is longer than the other and marked with moles, it indicates susceptibility to leg injuries.

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