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Using the Positions of the Nine Flying Stars for Feng Shui Room Arrangement

To arrange Feng Shui based on the positions of the Flying Stars, two prerequisites are essential: first, you must know the positions of the annual Flying Stars; second, you must identify which stars are auspicious and which are inauspicious. Only with this understanding can we arrange Feng Shui based on the Flying Star positions.

If you are unfamiliar with these aspects, consider reading the following for more information: Annual, Monthly, Daily, and Hourly Positions of the Nine Flying Stars | How to Determine the Auspiciousness of the Nine Flying Stars?

With this knowledge, we comprehend the specific positions and auspiciousness of the Flying Stars. However, different positions also carry different implications, which we will explore further below.

The image above provides detailed annotations for different directions:

  1. The East, represented by the Zhen Gua, symbolizes the eldest son and corresponds to the Wood element, which governs the liver, gallbladder, and limbs.
  2. The Southeast, represented by the Xun Gua, symbolizes the eldest daughter and also corresponds to the Wood element.
  3. The South, represented by the Li Gua, symbolizes the middle daughter and corresponds to the Fire element, governing the head, heart, and blood.
  4. The Southwest, represented by the Kun Gua, symbolizes the mother and corresponds to the Earth element, governing the spleen and stomach. Indeed, since the mother is usually responsible for cooking, she indeed governs the family’s dietary health.
  5. The West, represented by the Dui Gua, symbolizes the youngest daughter and corresponds to the Metal element, governing the lungs, throat, and nose.
  6. The Northwest, represented by the Qian Gua, symbolizes the father and corresponds to the Metal element, affecting the lungs, throat, nose, and large intestine.
  7. The North, represented by the Kan Gua, symbolizes the middle son and corresponds to the Water element, governing the kidneys, intestines, bladder, and ears.
  8. The Northeast, represented by the Gen Gua, symbolizes the youngest son and corresponds to the Earth element, affecting the spleen and stomach.

Understanding the auspiciousness of the Flying Stars, as well as the implications of different positions, we can discern how various Flying Stars entering different positions affect fortune.

For example, in the Eighth Period, the Two Black Star and the Five Yellow Star, known collectively as the “Two Black Five Yellow Sha,” are highly inauspicious. If the Two Black Star enters the eastern Zhen Gua, it signifies harm to the family’s eldest son or negatively impacts family members’ liver, gallbladder, and limbs. The Two Black Star, being inauspicious, symbolizes severe illness, financial loss, and disasters.

From the elemental perspective, the Two Black Star is associated with Earth, and the East is associated with Wood. Although Wood counters Earth, using positions to counteract the inauspiciousness of the Flying Stars is ineffective. Instead, the approach should be to “drain” its energy. Since Earth generates Metal, placing a string of six copper coins in the position of the Two Black Star can mitigate its negative influence.

It’s crucial not to overuse items for mitigating inauspicious energy, as excessive use can disrupt the overall Feng Shui. A small amount of Metal is sufficient to mitigate the Two Black or Five Yellow Sha. Alternatively, placing a metal bell that rings in that position can also counteract the Sha.

Similarly, for auspicious stars, such as the ruling Eight White Star associated with Earth, placing Earth-related items, like ceramics or purple clay pots, can enhance wealth, but one should avoid placing these items in positions afflicted by the Two Black or Five Yellow Sha to prevent adverse effects. Avoid placing Wood and Metal elements in the Eight White Star’s position, as Wood depletes Earth and Metal drains Earth.

For the Nine Purple Star, associated with Fire and symbolizing romance, placing a stove in its position can activate romance luck. Additionally, placing red flowers, such as anthuriums, can also boost romantic fortunes.

Feng Shui arrangements must also consider individual effects, as the same household arrangement can benefit one person but harm another due to differences in personal BaZi and elemental preferences. For instance, if you need the Metal element, simply adjusting your refrigerator’s temperature or installing an air conditioner can significantly improve your home’s Feng Shui. Conversely, if you are adverse to Metal, it’s advisable to minimize metallic appliances in your home.

These basics of arranging Feng Shui according to the Nine Flying Stars lay the foundation for more advanced Feng Shui arrangements based on the analysis of the house’s energy chart. For more detailed arrangements, refer to: How to Arrange Feng Shui Based on the House’s Energy Chart.

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