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Feng Shui Industry Selection and Nine Star Floor

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Different industries correspond with specific Flying Stars of the Nine Star Ki system, while building floors are associated with this star sign. By selecting an ideal Flying Star floor, businesses can significantly boost feng shui benefits.

  • Restaurants: For optimal circulation and business success, restaurants should use the 1 White Star floor, which promotes prosperity within their industry.
  • Crafts and Tailoring industries: The 2 Black Star floor complements their meticulous nature perfectly.
  • Telecommunications, Musical Instruments, and Electronics: These industries are perfectly suited to the 3 Jade Star floor for innovation and connectivity.
  • Beauty Salons: The 4 Green Star floor promotes aesthetics and wellness.
  • Leadership and Government Agencies: The 5 Yellow Star floor signifies authority and prestige.
  • Securities and Legal Firms: The analytical and judgmental abilities required by these firms fit best on the 6 White Star floor.
  • Public Relations and Event Planning firms: The 7 Red Star floor promotes lively social interactions.
  • Employer Training Centers: The 8 White Star floor symbolizes growth.
  • Clubs, Matchmaking Services, and Nightclubs: The 9 Purple Star floor is perfect for romantic and social engagements alike.

Height Selection for Floors

Opting for higher floors may appear advantageous, yet being significantly higher than surrounding buildings can symbolize isolation – known as “Island Sha” in feng shui. It is important to consider not only building height but also ensure its aesthetic is in harmony with its surrounding area when selecting an office location that optimizes energy flow and support through Feng Shui principles.

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